May 5, 2017 Mizoram UPC leaders attend CJCI conference The Mizoram UPC general superintendent Rev.Ngurthanpara Sailo and general secretary Rev.HV.Lalzamlova on May 1 arrived in Mumbai to attend the Church of Jesus Christ in India (CJCI) general conference. It should also be noted that, the MUPC leaders on May 4 had a survey in Mumbai on how Mizoram UPC would expand ministry in the western part of India. CJCI is a oneness denomination based in Mumbai, with their general conference expected to welcome delegations from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and USA besides the officials from Mizoram UPC. During the Mizoram UPC general assembly in Aizawl last year, CJCI and Mizoram UPC inked Memorandum of Understanding on December 11. The Mizoram UPC officials are also expected to visit MUPC Delhi Missions Field on May 7 and back on May 8 here in Aizawl.

Bethani Children Home Society Board Meeting The Mizoram UPC only orphanage home Bethani Children Home Society Board held its meeting on May 2 at General Headquaterts Office Conference Hall, Aizawl. The meeting was chaired by Elder Andrew Laldingliana, who is the chairman of the board in the presence of MUPC general treasurer Rev. C. Lalawmpuia. Among the agenda items of the committee, the board unanimously granted to improve the infrastructure of the home, and discussions also took place on how to increase the contract length of ICPS funded employee at the office. In addition, audit report has also been reviewed.

Missions Field Reports It was a big day for Mizoram UPC Birpara Missions Field in Mechuadhura on April 28 as construction started on a 30 square foot designed for the Pentecost Mission School Principal and Staff Common room. Around 42 volunteers had a hand at helping.