Media & Publicity Board 

The Media & Publicity Board of Mizoram UPC, on May 4 held its meeting in the office chamber of Rev. HV Lalzamlova, General Secretary, Mizoram UPC. The meeting, under the chairmanship of Rev. Zoramthara passed to improve the facilities of television programme and had a brief preview on the upcoming programmes.


Farewell function for Voluntary Missionary

General Missions Department, Mizoram UPC on May 28 organized a farewell function at Phunchawng Church for voluntary missionary Malsawmliana, who will start his ministry at Birpara, West Bengal.

The programme was hosted by General Missions Secretary Rev.Gospelthanga while a farewell speech was given by Executive Member Rev. Zoramthara.


Mizoram UPC bids farewell to retired Rev. Chhawna

Rev. H. Lalchhawnthanga was given a warm and affectionate send off on May 4 on his retirement from pastoral ministry after putting in 23 long years of service in different places in W.Phaileng, Lungsen, Zemabawk, Reiek, Khawbung, Vairengte and Hnahthial. 

Rev. HV Lalzamlova, General Secretary, Mizoram UPC on the occasion complimented Rev. Chhawna for rendering dedicated and unblemished service and also wished him a very happy and prosperous post-retirement life. 

Mizoram UPC General Superintendent Rev.Dr.Ngurthanpara Sailo who was the chairman of the occasion also extended his farewell to Rev. Chhawna on his retirement while Rev C. Lalawmpuia, General Treasurer Mizoram UPC explained the pension schemes and its financial rules of MUPC.


Programme of the top notch at Pentecost Day

General Superintendent Rev.Dr.Ngurthanpara Sailo is expected to preach at Salem Veng, Bethlehem section.

General Secretary Rev.H.V.Lalzamlova will be visiting Diakkawn, Kolasib, his schedule is set till tomorrow.

General Treasurer Rev.C.Lalawmpuia will present a seminar paper on 'Holiness' at Venglai, Kolasib.